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     Google search algorithm

    • can be changed quicker (around 500 times per year) than you write blog posts, voice search trend is growing faster than you realize- it actually exists, paid ads may decrease trustful relationships with your prospects. These are the realities of SEO and if you take a good care of your WordPress website from this perspective, check out this post to find out more about core SEO Trends in 2017. (from www.getmotopress.com)


    • is a type of microdata that makes it easier for search engines to parse and interpret the information on your web pages more effectively so they can show the most useful information on it, potentially on Google search results. This trend is gaining some leverage with the recent release of Google Home, which relies heavily on answering questions using websites which adopt structured data markup. (from www.offervault.com)

     Digital Marketing

  • is ever-changing, and it’s what makes SEO so challenging and rewarding. While there are some key changes each year, like algorithm updates, Penguin 4.0 in 2016, some of the familiar ones are being emphasized now more than ever: mobile responsiveness, voice search and user experience. Both B2B and B2C digital marketers need to respond quickly to these trends if they haven’t already. (from www.topspotims.com)
  • As Digital Marketing gets more and more competitive, embracing these changes in SEO will help you improve your game plan and more importantly, achieve higher ranking in SERPs. If you want to learn more, check this infographic from CJG Digital Marketingwhich presents to you to the top eight SEO trends that can help you ramp up your Digital Marketing strategy this year 2017. (from www.business2community.com)
  • Could apps replace web pages? Possibly. In the coming year, we may see a move towards heavier reliance on apps and a favoritism in the major search engine resultstowards mobile apps that offer streaming without requiring users to download. This change could affect how users choose to view content online and that may result in a complete change in SEO as we know it. (from www.designandpromote.com)
  • 3000 local searches , the Local SEO Guide team analyzed what factors correlate with higher rankings in Google ‘s local packs. And the surprising finding of the study was that citations showed much less correlation than other factors, while the unquestionable leaders are backlinks: (from www.link-assistant.com)
  • The advantages of personal branded URLs are diverse but the most important thing is that it helps your website score top marks with Google’s search algorithms which will greatly advance your SEO efforts. (from thenextweb.com)
  • You can also see that there are 328 related keywords that you can download into an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet, sort, and have a field day with. Of course, not all will be related , and not all will have a high search volume. That’s why you will just pick and choose maybe the top five related keywords to use throughout your post. Five related keywords that have the next highest search volumes to your main keyword phrase. (from thenextweb.com)

Google Trends Indicate Declining Interest in SEO

Is the main reason for the decline that Google is no longer trying to gain market share? Didn’t they already win that contest and now have most of the world believing that the only way to win in the SERPs is to PAY for Pay Per Click advertising? Can you believe that?

Can you think of any reason for why Bangladesh & India are trending at the top for Search Engine Optimization?

Are India & Bangladesh at the top because most SEO agencies outsource their link building services to those countries for a song? Is that why those agencies reap windfall profits and their clients only get generic links that ultimately hurt their sites? We help our clients get traffic by creating relevance, authority and anchoring their online presence with established Google entity building tools. We take the time to build your network on a solid footing of authority and trust without any spammy hype or methods that expose you to the sandbox or penalties.


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