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Amazing WordPress plugin builds authority, traffic and clicks in just a few minutes. So easy anyone can do it, no matter how non technical they may be.

Jack almost any webpage and put your call to action bar over it, your own custom HTML, and even change all the links on the jacked page to any link you want!

Does not use IFRAMES, this means you can use social links to get easy traffic to your jacked pages!
Look how easy it is to build authority while you get traffic and clicks with Jack Jacker Gold!
Install the Jack Jacker plugin on your WordPress site, Use Google to find almost any high authority niche related blog, website, or article on the Internet.
Change all the links to your affiliate link, put your own call to action banner on the top of it, and even add your own HTML popup code if you like.
Post links to your jacked pages on Facebook, G+ and other social networks, inviting people to check out the great article you found. They will thank you for sharing the quality niche related page or article, but little do they know it is really your jacked page, with your affiliate links, call to action and pop ups.
With Jack Jacker Gold you can put your call to action over just about any authority site on the Internet. You can change all the links on the site to point to any URL link you want ( including affiliate or CPA offers ) and you can even add your own HTML over the site ( great for anyone with a pop up buider ).

There have been other, inferior, software products that seems to do what Jack Jacker does. But the problem is that they all use IFRAMEs. Jack Jacker does not use IFRAMEs. What this means is that when you jack a page you also get all of its meta and description tags. Because of this when you post your jacked URL to social media sites like Facebook and G+ all of the jacked pages' keywords, descriptions and preview graphics will be a part of the post!

Jack Jacker is the only software of this type that really 'jacks' the page, including all its keywords, meta tags and preview graphics, instead of just using IFRAMEs like the other guys do.
With Jack Jacker you get instant content, instant authority, and an easy way to get both traffic and clicks!
This is going to be perfect for anyone who wants to make money
with niche CPA or affiliate offers!

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Jack Jacker - Gold

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