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Google Trends Indicate Declining Interest in SEO

Is the main reason for the decline that Google is no longer trying to gain market share? Didn’t they already win that contest and now have most of the world believing that the only way to win in the SERPs is to PAY for Pay Per Click advertising? Can you believe that?

Can you think of any reason for why Bangladesh & India are trending at the top for Search Engine Optimization?

Are India & Bangladesh at the top because most SEO agencies outsource their link building services to those countries for a song? Is that why those agencies reap windfall profits and their clients only get generic links that ultimately hurt their sites? We help our clients get traffic by creating relevance, authority and anchoring their online presence with established Google entity building tools. We take the time to build your network on a solid footing of authority and trust without any spammy hype or methods that expose you to the sandbox or penalties.


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